Meet the Capital City Law Legal Team

Angus Boyd

photo of Edmonton lawyer Angus Boyd of Capital City Law

Throughout his career, Angus Boyd has practised in several areas of law, including family law, civil law and criminal law.  Angus has been practising in the area of criminal defence for 35 years.

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Conor Davis

photo of Edmonton Criminal Lawyer Conor Davis of Capital City Law

Conor Davis has been practicing as a Criminal Defence lawyer in Edmonton for over ten years.  Born and raised in Edmonton, Conor Davis has spent the majority of life here in the Capital City.

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Jordan Bienert

photo of Edmonton Family Lawyer Jordan Bienert of Capital City Law

After beginning his legal career in Calgary, Jordan relocated back to Edmonton where he has practised in the areas of Family Law since 2005.

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Wayne Gardner

Wayne has over 20 years of experience in the field of criminal law, working first as a Crown Prosecutor and now in private practice. He has appeared in all three levels of Alberta courts, as well as in Federal Court, the Northwest Territories and Ontario.

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Christopher Luchak

Christopher has practiced exclusively in Criminal Law for over 10 years, running numerous trials as both a defence lawyer and as a Crown Prosecutor in Provincial Court and Court of Queen’s Bench throughout Alberta, as well as in Provincial Court in British Columbia.

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Simon Trela

photo of Simon Trela, Edmonton Immigration and Criminal Lawyer in Edmonton

Simon practices in all areas of immigration law including Foreign workers, Refugee Law, Deportation Appeals, Sponsorship Appeals, Judicial Reviews.  Simon represents a very large volume of Canadian employers who continue to take advantage of the Foreign Worker program.

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