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If you are charged with an assault-type criminal charge, you need to have experienced representation to protect you and your rights.

Our criminal lawyers at Capital City Law can assist you from the initial arrest, communications with the Crown prosecutor, trial and beyond.  We at Capital City Law have over 50 years of experience in dealing with these matters and will put that experience to work for you.

What constitutes an Assault?

An assault is an offence against another person.

Generally, the Crown prosecutor must prove that any application of force done to another person, was done without their consent.  Applications of force range from a slight shove to violent punches and beyond.  The spectrum of violence includes the low-end threats against a person.  At the high end of the spectrum is causing the death of another person.  Additional common variations of this offence include assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and aggravated assault.  In addition, the offence of sexual assault fits into the above spectrum of violence with an added sexual component that must be established by the Crown prosecutor.

Sexual assault charges are particularly complex criminal offences to defend.  In addition to proving the essential elements of assault, the Crown must establish that the assault was done for a sexual purpose.  Perhaps the greatest difference that a sexual assault charge has compared to a non-sexual assault charge is the social stigma that is attached to an allegation of sexual assault.  There are significant social pressures that are placed on an accused charged with sexual assault.  At Capital City Law, our lawyers have experience in discreetly defending accused people from sexual assault allegations.  We have appeared at all levels of Court in Canada (including the Supreme Court of Canada) defending individuals charged.

Complex legal circumstances require experienced legal representation

It is important to have experienced lawyers assisting you when dealing with any of these offences of violence.  If charged with a type of assault charge, you can be placed on very restrictive bail conditions that often result in hardship and loss of liberty prior to a possible conviction for assault.  For example, bail conditions on assault-type charges often prevent you from returning to your home or communicating with certain people.  More importantly, if convicted, you will be subject to a range of sentences that can vary between fines, probation, house arrest or jail.  In addition to providing you with an experienced legal defence to your assault charge, the lawyers at Capital City Law can also help you change restrictive bail conditions.

Every person has the right to make a full answer and defence to any criminal charge, and the lawyers at Capital City Law can help you do that effectively.  There are many possible defences to the charges listed above.  These defences may include consent, self-defence, alibis or potentially many more.

Each matter is different, and the possible defences available will vary from case to case.  Whether through negotiation with a Crown Prosecutor or in argument before a judge, our experienced lawyers will take every step to ensure that your best defence is advanced.

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